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What is HamAward?
The first ever all-in-one Award Management System for activators and hunters.
HamAward is an innovative platform, developed to organize Amateur Radio Awards.
It handles all the classic challenges of an Award, allowing up to 500 activators in a year-long competition.

Multi activators
Up to 500 worldwide activators for every Award. From any device

Sharing real-time QSOs and data between activators
Cloud Servers
Sending real-time QSOs and data to custom Award web pages

Custom public Awards
Unlimited and customized real-time Award pages for hunters with statistics, live activators, Award info, and personal score. The ability to embed the Award into personal Qrz.com pages or download it.

Sharing real-time QSOs and data to hunters
Unlimited worldwide hunters and traffic. From any device
A web platform built using the most advanced browser technologies.
HamAward is compatible with every PC, Mac, tablet and smartphone:





Real time logging
Every activator has an advanced web console to log the Award QSOs.
The console allows for real-time monitoring of the whole Award, including every activators' activity
It's possible to log QSOs in real-time manually or with common logging software running on the activator's PC, using their UDP connection.
Activator console

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Activators using manual console
By setting band and mode, activators may log their QSOs directly on the HamAward page with the possibility of looking up any hunter's qrz.com info beforehand. All logged QSOs are shown, in real-time, on the "Live Qso" summary tab.
Activator using manual console

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Activators using UDP Broadcasting
By setting band and mode, activators may log their QSOs directly on the logging software. A little app called HamConnect will send the logged QSOs to the HamAward platform using an UDP connection. Activators will see, in real-time, their QSOs as "SAVED" if successfully logged, or as "ERROR" in case of wrong format callsign, out of mode or current band.
Activator using UDP Broadcasting

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Real time monitoring
Activators may monitor, in real-time, not only theirs but every other operator's activity.
Real time monitoring

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- OnAir / Offair status
- Single Op or M/M operating status
- Total number of OnAir activators
- Filter for their own team activity
- Filter OnAir list by bands
- View real-time list of all OnAir activators, with callsign, band, mode and operator callsign
- Filter for Online activators, with callsign, that are not OnAir

Live QSO
The Live QSO tab lists the last 20 QSOs of all activators in real-time. Personal QSOs are listed with different color.
Live QSO

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Every activator can examine the complete Award logbook and update it manually or with their own ADIF file. The logbook can be filtered for advanced lookup. It's also possible to download the filtered logbook in ADIF or Cabrillo format.

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Statistics are divided in three types, conditioned by logbook filters as well:
- Difference between Yesterday QSOs and Today QSOs
- Daily QSOs
- Activator, Band and Mode QSO number
- Top countries

Real stats based on WRTC 2022 Award with over than 1.5M Qso

HamChat for activators
An easy-to-use chat allows activators rapid communication with each other.
HamChat for Activators

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OnAir / OffAir
Activity by an activator may be announced in advance (before logging QSO). This allows other activators to monitor their unique callsign activity to avoid duplicate callsigns on the same band and mode. If, for any reason, the operator decides to change band or mode, the console will automatically follow his choice. There is the ability to choose between Single Operator and Multi Operator setup.
OnAir / OffAir

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Cluster Spots
HamAward provides a Cluster Spotting service.
It's possible to send spots simply by selecting the frequency. If the Rig Monitor is active, the frequency is selected automatically.
The platform will customize the comment message with the Award name and a short link (ham.cm domain) to the Award main page.
Cluster Spots

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Multi / Multi Setup
Activators can use a Multi/Multi setup with a single HamAward account. (For example using M/M activity)

How to setup:
- Multiple operators/radio in different bands/modes.
- Only one logging software as QSO collector.
- Only one active HamConnect.
- Only one operator account logged in.
- Only one HamAward tab open, with M/M status active.
Every OnAir Band/Mode will be shown as single activator. Every activator will be shown as (MULTI) and not with their personal callsign.
Be sure to use ONLY ONE:
- logging software with UDP enabled as collector.
- HamAward account with active UDP Broadcast.
- active HamConnect.
How to start Multi / Multi:
- When going OnAir, select "Multi / Multi setup" as Operating mode
Any other setup will cause lot of useless DUPEs on your QSO UDP Broadcast traffic console.

Activator callsign with multi operators
Each activating callsign can have multiple operators active on different bands and modes at the same time.
Example using W1DEMO as Activator callsign:

Useful notifications for activators
To help the activator, HamAward provides many security alerts during QSO entry both manually and via UDP Broadcasting:

- Real-time alerts in case of internet disconnection, so as to avoid missing the saving of the QSOs in the online log.
- Warnings if activators try to go OnAir in a band or mode already occupied by one of their teammates (same callsign)
- Notifications when hunters' callsigns are incorrect (system based on cty.dat).
- The platform also warns when the UDP band or mode is out of range.
UDP Broadcast

HamConnect is a program installed on your PC, it intercepts the UDP traffic of the QSOs generated by your logging software, automating their transfer to the Award Log.
Using the Single or Multi/Multi Operator setup with a single HamAward account.

Intercepted QSO data

Sending QSO data from HamConnect to HamAward

HamAward Logging Console
Open in a local browser tab, receves the QSOs generated by your logging software.

Sending QSO data to HamAward Cloud Servers
Cloud Servers

Supported logging software
QARTest, Log4OM, WSJT-x, DxLog, N1MM, MSHV, JTDX(2.2.158 or higher), LogHX, Win-Test

Receive address (default) captures from all available network interfaces. It's possible to restrict interception to localhost (e.g. or a specific network interface by indicating its IP (e.g. 192.168.1.xxx).

Multicast group
Enter the multicast group address used by your logging software (e.g. In any case, whether the multicast group is entered or not, HamConnect will capture both Unicast and Broadcast QSOs (if the receive address is different than localhost).

Connect and test UDP Broadcast
The platform offers a dedicated page to connect your logging software via UDP through HamConnect.
Activators can test their UDP connection, before using the official HamAward log, by sending QSOs from their local logger software and checking if the data is correct. Test QSOs will not be saved in any log.
Connect and test UDP Broadcast

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Rig Monitor
The Rig Monitor uses HamLib 4.5 to read, in real-time, the frequency, mode, received signal and TX/RX status from the rig's USB/RS232 COM connection, sharing them with your HamAward console (the connection is one-way only, changing frequency or mode on the console will not affect the rig).

Connect Rig
To connect to the Rig Monitor it's necessary to start HamConnect first, then set the model of the rig, the COM port used and the baud rate.
Connect Rig

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Testing the rig's connection
You can test the Rig Monitor, in real-time, by switching bands and modes on your rig.
Testing the rig's connection

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The Rig Monitor in action
The Rig Monitor in action

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Hunters live score
HamAward is the winning solution to maximize the engagement of your Awards. In addition to the useful tools for activators, the platform provides dedicated pages for hunters, which can be embedded on any third-party website or on the Qrz.com pages.

We provide public pages for hunters with:
- statistics
- live activators
- hunters's score list
- Award's info
- Award rules
- digital Award download

and unlimited hunters traffic (QSO and web traffic on external pages)

Check some real exaples of public pages:
- WRTC 2022 Award (web site)
- WRTC 2023 Award (Qrz.com page)
- 150th Alpini Corps Award (Qrz.com page)
- Italian Navy Ship Station 2022 Award (Qrz.com page)
- Italian Navy Ship Station 2022 Award (web site)
- A.R.F.I. 2022 Award (web site)
- A.R.F.I. 2022 Award (Qrz.com page)
HamAward is a subscription service.
Standard plans are available, but you can customize the number of activators and the timeline. Same for the ranking and graphics eQsl, Awards and algorithms for score calculations.

Award event

1 time Award event


The plan includes:
  • up to 10 days of activity
  • up to 15 activators
  • self customizable digital award design
  • self customizable eqsl design
  • digital eqsl download for hunters
  • digital award download for hunters
  • digital certificate download for activators
  • customizable score points (by band, mode, callsigns)
  • real time online logging software, with stats and QSO filter search
  • adif upload / download
  • cabrillo download
  • external public pages for hunters, with statistics, live activators, hunters's score and award's info, award download
  • unlimited hunters traffic (QSO and web traffic on external pages)

Extra days (over the first 10 days)

1 day


10 days pack


30 day pack


You can order up to 356 days since the award starting date

Extra activators (over the first 15 activators)

10 activators pack


20 activators pack


50 activators pack


You can order up to 500 activators for each award. It is possible upgrade the numbers of activators during the award period.

Managed score algorithm

Score algorithm customization


Managed design service

Award design realization


Eqsl design realization


How to Join Us
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Register or Login your free personal account
In your account you will find all the logs of the Award events you attended and will be able to download the eqsl and the Awards in digital format.

New registration procedure
For security reasons our registration system is based on the qrz.com database. During the first registration we verify in few seconds that your qrz.com callsign and public email match with the qrz.com database. Please make sure you have set up public email on qrz.com

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