150th anniversary of the creation of Alpini Corps

From Oct 10 to Oct 22, 2022

1. Management
This event has been designed and organised by ”G.R.A.” Gruppo Radioamatori Alpini, all the OM are really welcome to take part of it.

With this award (150° di Fondazione del corpo degli Alpini) we wish to commemorate the “Alpini” corps, created by a royal decree on the 15th October 1872 in Naples. The Corps since its foundation, has been standing out largely both in the whole country and in missions abroad, expecially because its large support to the civilian people during natural disaster, last but not least during the pandemic.

2. Start / End
10th October 2022 - 00.00 UTC  /   22nd October 2022 -  23.59 UTC

3. OM – QSO
The award will be given by enstabilish successful contacs with the licensed “IQ” prefix stations (stations managed by the Italian Radio Amateur Association) enrolled by the G.R.A. (Alpine Radio Amateur Group) and spread all around the country. These licensed stations will be recognized by the standard call: “CQ 150° degli Alpini”, during the whole time between the start and the end (see above for the schedule). Just two ways complete QSO with only report  R/S (R/S/T for CW and digital modes) exchange will be accepted for the final score.

The score are related to this award only, and they cannot be claimed for any other G.R.A award.

4. Band plan 
The award will be held on HF  specifically on 80–40-20-15-10 meters bands.
It is allowed to contact the same licensed station more than once per day but just one time on each different band.

5. Modes 
CW, SSB and Digital modes.

6. Ranking view
It is possible to check the live updated status of the ranking on the website (with personal login) or alternatively consulting the pages of the licensed stations on  (see below in 8).

7. Scores 
Digital Modes: 3 points. Each contact, each band, each mode within RTTY, PSK, FT4, FT8.
SSB: 5 points. Each contact, each band, SSB mode.
CW: 10 points. Each contact, each band, CW mode.

8. Licensed Station 
IZ1CCK: “Brigata Alpina Taurinense” (TO) and others licensed stations with prefix “IQ” representing several national call areas.

9. Award menagment
All the award menagement both for licensed stations and hunters is real time through the website

10. Suspension
The hunters are not allowed to request the licensed station for recording callsigns other than their personal ones and asking for band or mode shift. In case of violation of the award rules, the hunters will be suspeded due to unquestionable judgment of the organising committe.

11. Final Ranking and PrizesFor each category, a prize will be given to the partecipating hunters with highest score. The prizes cannot be combined, therefore each hunter can partercipate chosing just one category.
For each category the prizes will be given just in presence of at least 5 partecipating hunters.
All the partecipating stations IQ, will receive a Sez. A.R.I. di Cuneo pennant, in addition to a small present.

The prizes are the following:
1st CW: Begali Simplex Cw Key (kindly offered by Begali) + Book
1st SSB: HFB-10 and HFB-15 antennas (kindly offered by DAE) +Book
1st Digital: RTL-SDR-V3R82 and Antenna Kit (kindly offered by Ham Radio Shop) + Book
2nd CW: Power Supply PS30IV/F (kindly offered by DAE)
2nd SSB: Subscription to RK + Book (kindly offered by RadioKit)
2nd Digital: Subscription to RK + station plate (kindly offered by QSL Printed)
3rd CW: Subscription to RK (kindly offered by RadioKit)
3rd SSB: station plate + Book (kindly offered by Mondo senza Fili)
3rd Digital: station plate + Book (kindly offered by Mondo senza Fili)

12. Awards
A partecipation certificate will be given to all the stations attending the award.  A detailed award reporting the total score as well as the chosen category and the final ranking will be given to all the stations reaching at least 150 scores.

Both the partecipation certificates and the awards, will be downloaded in high resolution from the website “” at the end of the event. The eQsl for each contact will be download ed from the website “” at each time, even during the event.

13.Final Notes

The prize pool is available thanking the kind collaboration with the sponsors.

The “Associazione Nazionale Alpini” logo as well as the “150° di fondazione del Corpo degli Alpini” for “Gruppo Radioamatori Alpini G.R.A.” are subjected to copyright. The prizes cannot be send by post, so they must be collected during the award cerimony.

These rules can be integrated by the organising commitee

For info and questions please contact the organising commitee:
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